The Jetski Club

Due to an ever increasing demand from our clients wanting to take their Jet Ski Experience one step further, we offer The Jetski Club. Along similar lines to our sister company The RIB Club it will give clients a hassle free and cost effective way of regularly riding one of our 2019 SeaDoo GTI SE Jetskis. The Jet Ski Club is a hassle free and cost effective fractional ownership scheme for Jetskis.

We are pleased to announce for the 2019 Season we have added a second location at Universal Marina to our Jetski Club. This new base gives great access to the Solent and trips over to the Isle Of Wight.


Please click below on our frequently asked questions to find out more.


Q. How does it work?

A. Member of The Jetski Club will pay a one off joining fee of £350 which will cover their RYA Training PW Proficiency Course and an induction to the Jetskis. They will then pay a fixed monthly fee of £185 per month for a 6 month membership if paid up front or £200 per month if paid by standing order monthly. The Jetski Club season runs from 1st March – 1st November each year. If your 6 month period doesn’t fall wholey within this 6 month period then it will roll over into the next year’s season, saving you having to pay throughout any winter months.

Q. How many sessions do I get?

A. Everyday will be broken down to three sessions – (08.00 – 12.00) , (12.30 – 16.30), (17.00 – Dusk) Please note the Jetskis will not be able to be used in the dark so morning and evening sessions may vary slightly in length but the majority will fall within British Summer Time so should give plenty of before and after work session opportunities.

Every member will be allocated 2 weekend (Peak) and 4 weekday (Off-Peak) sessions per month.

Q. How do I book my sessions?

A. When you join you will be given access to an online booking system and you will book your sessions here. Once your session is booked you will simply need to collect your key from the Marina Office for your Jetski where you will have been added to a nominated Key holders list.


Q. Are there any other costs involved?

A. The only other cost involved will be that of the fuel you use. At the end of every session each member will be responsible for refilling the ski and washing it down. We also take a £500 damage security deposit, please remember this is a deposit and should you not damage the jetski in anyway it will be returned to you at the end of your membership.



The below table briefly shows the advantages of joining the Jetski Safaris Jetski Club


Jetski OwnershipThe Jetski Club
Initial Purchase of Ski (eg SeaDoo GTI se)
(New £10,000 + or good
2nd Hand £5000 +)
Initial Joining /Training Fee
+ 6 month contract One off
– £350 Fee , £185 pcm for 6 months
(£300 – £500 p.a)
£0 covered by JSS
Versa Dock Storage
(Salterns 2019 annual storage – £1900)
Versa Dock Storage
£0 covered by JSS
Servicing & winterising
(£200 – £350 p.a)
Servicing & winterising
£0 covered by JSS
(15 – 20 % year one of ownership,
10% Ever year after)
covered by JSS
Full price when purchasing
any kit
Jetski Club members will receive Discounted Typhoon equipment


call us now on 01202 706 784 to discuss Jetski Club availability or email us for more information