Corporate Events , Company Away Days and Team Building Activities

Jetski Safaris can provide bespoke Corporate group packages, from team building experiences to simply getting out of the office and letting your hair down, we guarantee everyone will enjoy their time spent on the water. Through the combination of water and land based activities we can provide packages for 6 to 100 people.

From activities such as Rib Treasure Hunts and Yacht Charters where customers stay clothed and are provided waterproofs to Jetskiing and Jetpacking where customers are provided wetsuits and safety gear we can put together a tailor made package to suit your requirements.

Rib Treasure Hunt – Half Day

The idea behind a Rib (Powerboat) Treasure hunt is that a group will be split into Teams and each team will be assigned a boat and professional skipper. (Each Boat can carry a maximum of 7 Clients excluding the skipper) The teams will be given a map and clues, then using teamwork will have to solve the clues to navigate the skipper around the Harbour and surrounding coastline. Rib Treasure hunts give clients a chance to experience the thrill of our exhilarating boats combined with tasks and riddles which will entertain every team member.

This is an ideal activity for clients who want to get out on the water but remain in their clothes and be given waterproofs if needed. The Treasure Hunts last approximately two and a half to three hours so are a perfect half day activity.


Rib Treasure Hunt – Full Day

If the Client wishes to make a full day of this activity a popular option is to have a mid morning arrival at the Marina followed by a cruise on the boats up through the Harbour and the Wareham Channel for a Pub Lunch at ‘The Old Granary Restaurant’. Then the group will be briefed in the restaurant after lunch and will set out on the Treasure hunt in the afternoon.

This activity can be organized for any group size from 6 – 60 People. Each boat can carry a maximum of 7 clients.


Yacht and Rib Charter – Half or Full Day

A Half Day Yacht Charter aboard either a 44 Ft Catamaran or 60 Ft Yacht which can both carry 11 Clients whilst under sail. The Yacht will sail through the Harbour and out along the surrounding coastline taking in the views of the Stunning Jurassic Coastline. Ribs and Jetskis can be chartered alongside the Yacht to offer clients faster exhilarating rides or watersports such as wakeboarding or ringo riding. By Chartering Ribs alongside the Yacht the size of the group can be increased.

A Pure Jetski Safari Session

This would involve a short introduction to these awesome machines before taking a tour of the Harbour and cruise around the local coastline. Two instructors would be on lead Jetskis with space for 8 people on four other jetskis. Therefore based on 8 people we would run one Safari, up to 16 people we would run two back to back safaris with half the group on each, 16 – 24 people we would run three back to back sessions. Throughout the experience the Instructors will give plenty of opportunity for everyone to swap round so everyone will have an equal time experiencing both the thrill of driving and being a passenger.

Each Safari lasts approximately an hour on the water.

Back on land there is a restaurant, bar and garden overlooking the water for those not out on the Jetskis to relax and enjoy the views before getting ready to swap over with the first group.

Overall this activity would also last approximately three hours depending on numbers.

 If your group is larger than 24 People we have alternate options for people to experience the Jetskis through combining them with a Yacht or Powerboat Charter.

Jetskiing and Powerboat Charter

The idea behind this is that we would split your group into two and whilst half the group would experience the thrill of Jetskiing as per the option above the other half would have a powerboat thrill ride around the Harbour and local coastline. After approximately an hour we would swap the group over so everyone has a go at both activities.

This activity lasts approximately 3 and a half hours so is perfect for a half day experience.

Jetpacking and Yacht Charter

This activity would involve a half day Yacht charter of the 44 ft Catamaran or 57 ft Yacht pictured below. You would sail through the pleasant Poole Harbour and out into Studland Bay where you would then anchor and try a new once in a lifetime activity ‘Jetpacking’ through our sister company ‘Aquatic Jetpacks.’ A qualified Jetpack Instructor would teach the members of your groups the basics before everyone was given a 15 min go on the Jetpack in the Water whilst the rest of the group watch on from the Yacht in amazement, itching to get out there themselves.

This activity would be available for up to 11 clients, if your group was larger then 11 we can simply add Ribs (1 per 7 people) to the charter to rotate People on the Yacht whilst its under sail or another Yacht or Motorboat.


We take Health and Safety very seriously and all our activities are covered by our Commercial Policy covering up to £5 million Public Liability. Details of this are available upon request.

If you have any further questions regarding the above activities or need a bespoke itinerary put together please contact us : 01202 706 784 or email: [email protected]

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