Flyboard Experiences – come fly with us:

Our sister company Aquatic Jetpacks offer Flyboard Experiences for individuals, groups and corporate days. This truly unique experience is now available to try. Visit our Aquatic Jetpacks Experiences site to find out more about our different packages.

Aquatic Jetpacks was the first UK Coastal Flyboard Experience company and has been offering Flyboard Experiences since 2013.

The ability to combine a Flyboarding session and Jetski Safari session in one day can make a truly memorable day on the water.

Flyboard Experiences

Aquatic Jetpacks is the UK’s first coastal Flyboard Experience and Flyboard Sales Centre. Our professional instructors will train you to get to grips with this ultimate water jet pack in no time.

The Flyboard is propelled by a water jet connected to a jetski. This provides underwater propulsion and flights of up to 10 metres high for the Flyboard Rider.  If you ever wanted to fly like a bird or feel like a Super Hero then book yours today!

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Now in its 12th season, Jetski Safaris continues to be the UK’s leading Jet Ski Experience and is a RYA Jetski Training Centre. With the UK’s largest fleet of Jetskis (Personal Watercraft) and several Powerboats we offer a wide range of water sports activities for individuals and groups.


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