New Season = 4 New 2015 SeaDoo Gtis to add to the Jetski Safaris Fleet


Seadoo GTi 2015 - Jetski Safaris  Jetski Safaris - Jetski Experiences

The Jetski Safaris Team were pleased to see the arrival of there new Fleet of 2015 SeaDoo Gtis. The rock solid performance of the SeaDoo GTi within a commercial operating environment has been a valuable asset to the Jetski Safaris Team. Now in its 8th Season Jetski Safaris has been a true fan of the SeaDoo Gti and believe there is no other watercraft better for the Job. The Intelligent Brake and Reverse System gives less experienced Jetski riders greater confidence as soon as they get on the jetski. The longer hull with a deeper V also gives a better ride through choppier waters which we can often experience within the UK.

If you fancy riding one of the new Jetskis then don’t hesitate to give our team a call or click here for more info.