How to winterise a Jet ski

If you are not planning on using your Jet ski over the winter months then it is beneficial to winterise it before you put it away in storage or leave it outside on a versa-dock.

Below are the steps to take to winterise a Sea-Doo Jet ski and we have also shown these steps on a video which can be viewed by clicking on the image below :

Step 1 : Run your Jet ski with fresh water for 2 – 3 minutes. When the fresh water hose is disconnected the give Jet ski a couple of blips on the throttle to clear any water left in the Exhaust system.

Step 2 : Add Fuel Stabilizer. Check bottle and amount of fuel in Jet ski to get the right amount. If storing Jet ski outside, ideally leave Jet ski full of fuel and this will help prevent condensation build up in the tank.

Step 3 : Disconnect air intake pipe from throttle body. Method will vary dependent on type of Sea Doo Jetski

Step 4 : Start up Jet ski and apply Fogging oil into throttle body. Do this until the Jet ski cuts out or has white smoke coming out the exhaust.

Step 5 : Remove Stick Coils and Spark Plugs.

Step 6 : Apply fogging oil into Cylinders. Squeeze for 2-3 seconds per cylinder.

Step 7 : Re-insert spark plugs and stick coil and reconnect


Step 8 : Once refitted then squeeze the throttle and crank over the jetski a couple of times for a few seconds each time.


Step 9 : Disconnect Battery.  If storing Jet ski outside to help preserve battery health you can remove it and put it somewhere where temperatures are not so extreme and drop below freezing.

Step 10 : Spray down Engine and components with anti-corrosive lubricant spray and remove any water from engine bay.

Step 11 : Run Anti-Freeze through Exhaust system. System shown in video is a simple setup of a bilge pump powered by an external battery.


Products used for Winterisation


A couple of extra helpful tips :

Remember if planning on storing your Jet ski in an alternative place to it’s usual summer storage location, check with your insurer that it is still covered in it’s new location.

Leave seat ajar throughout winter storage to help air circulate through jet ski.